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NOTE: Below screen data is refreshed to the web server every 5 minutes. May not be current if I’m on the air, shutdown due to weather conditions, out of town, etc.

NCDXF beacon monitoring is a great practice for determining current band conditions. When I’m not on the air, I use my FT-857 2-ele 20-15-10 quad pointing due North.
Click on image for beacon historical data…

Signal Level Legend:

NCDXF Beacon Locations:

DX Atlas map data includes DX Cluster spots filtered within 2000 miles of my QTH and raw spot data from View Prop / QS1R setup.
Propagation 101 VE3NEA Help File
HamCAP Users Guide OH6BG
HamCAP Tutorial VE3SUN
HamCAP & Contesting N3TL

This is raw data from my Skimmer Server. Reception setup:QS1R + 40m Vee 75ft. New Omnidirectional antenna in the works. Many times I see needed DX stations well before they hit the clusters!

DX Cluster spots filtered within 2000 miles of my QTH ‘displayed on above map’. Call-sign colors are reflective of my log book entries status ‘see legend’. Pretty neat stuff!

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