Cams, Weather & Ham Radio…

Cam1: Webcam due West
Cam3: Wink’s Webcam due West
Cam3: Wink’s Yesterday Time Lapse Video

NOTE: Below screen data is refreshed to the web server every 5 minutes. May not be current if I’m on the air, shutdown due to weather conditions, out of town, etc.

NCDXF beacon monitoring is a great practice for determining current band conditions. When I’m not on the air, I use my FT-857 2-ele quad pointing due North. Click on image for details…

Map data includes DX Cluster spots filtered within 1500 miles of my QTH and spot data from View Prop / QS1R setup. F2 critical frequency map overlay added. Propagation 101 VE3NEA Help File

This is raw data from my Skimmer Server. Reception setup:QS1R + 40m Vee 75ft. New Omni-Directional antenna in the works. On the right you see plus ‘+’ signs which indicate spots sent to the RBN Network servers. Many times I see needed DX stations well before they hit the clusters! Click on image for RBN Website.

Handy graphical View Prop screen shot showing direction and signal level of spots from my QS1R. Interesting to see some of the strong signals received from DX and US based Ham Stations!