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NOTE: Screen data is refreshed every 5 minutes. May not be current if I’m on the air, shutdown due to weather conditions ie. lightning, etc.

NCDXF beacon monitoring is a great practice for determining current band conditions. Each beacon transmits every three minutes, day and night. This table gives the minute and second of the start of the first transmission within the hour for each beacon on each frequency. A transmission consists of the call-sign of the beacon sent at 22 words per minute followed by four one-second dashes. The call-sign and the first dash are sent at 100 watts. The remaining dashes are sent at 10 watts, 1 watt and 100 milliwatts. When I’m not on the air, I use my FT-857 with various available antennas.

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Signal Level Legend:

DX Atlas map data includes DX Cluster spots filtered within 2000 miles of my QTH and raw spot data from View Prop / QS1R setup.
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